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Engagement and Outreach


Cultivating Success through Relationships in Agriculture

Together we will continue to nurture and grow our relationships. Building relationships is not just about short-term gains but about creating lasting partnerships that can span decades. These enduring connections are essential in an industry where consistency and reliability are crucial.

Programs, Events and Meetings


KAP hosted a successful revival to the historic KAP Classic Golf Tournament, with nearly 100 participants and an appearance from Premier Heather Stefanson.


A key to success at the 15th Annual Golf Tournament were the farmers, partners, and government officials that came together. By fostering these connections, we united diverse stakeholders, creating a collaborative atmosphere that has continued to drive positive change and supports the agricultural sector's long-term growth and prosperity.

Together with our guest and partners we were able to donate $2,500.00 to the Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program.


Grassroots in Action

The KAP Advisory Council, comprising of grassroots delegates, serves as a vital forum for Manitoba farmers to inform organizational policy through virtual meetings. This platform not only empowers farmers to shape the future of agriculture but also provides a valuable opportunity for them and partners to stay informed about current issues and opportunities in the industry.

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Agriculture Overview Program Launch

A program under the Manitoba Young Farmers umbrella that is focused on the education of farmers from the farm to the customer, as well as to identify new opportunities for producers looking to build value add into their operations.

The focus for farmers will be on building the CEO mindset, having programs that work in partnership with industry.

Activities for 2023 Included:  Barley Sector Opportunities: - Malting process, barley research and innovation, trends - The opportunity for farmers and industry to work together to bring value to sector - See how local businesses are meeting market demands - Learn about policy priority issues that the sector is facing Learn to Lead: -Communications -Policy -Mental Wellness -Advocacy

2023 Engagement and Outreach Highlights


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2021-2023 Roadmap to Fostering Value
Engagement and Outreach

  • Secure and maintain positive government relations.
    Meet frequently with all levels of government. Regular meetings/communication with Minister, Deputy Minister, Assistant Deputy Ministers and Directors within Manitoba Agriculture (MB Ag) and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and other departments (as required). Active participation in consultations. Ensure strong farmer advocates are present to engage on key priorities.
  • Secure influential support coalitions to ensure unification on key issues.
    Create nimble, action and outcome focused committees that engage with key stakeholders. Build a strong KAP membership advocacy capacity. Develop sector wide coalitions (Examples: drought, labour and farm safety). Align KAP policy committees with key priorities to ensure members can contribute to timely policy development. Continue to expand commodity association membership in KAP. Committee work will include the identification and engagement of technical experts. Utilize committees to be proactive on emerging issues.
  • Educating governments on the opportunities and challenges of modern agriculture.
    Develop and implement positive advocacy and communications strategies: Identify and develop powerful champions and advocates to represent Manitoba agriculture. Identify and create fact-based position statements on key policy issues: Coordination of messages to promote awareness and synergies. Development of question-and-answer papers / talking points / fact sheets as issues emerge to promote common messages across key members, stakeholders, value chain and governments. Provide centralized access to information— consolidate available information where needed to make it most accessible; proactively disseminate to key stakeholders. Identify cross-over advocacy and awareness needs with other associations.

Other Engagement and Outreach Activities

Delivering on Value

AGM 2023

Farmer Engagement

Successful in-person AGM for the first time post-COVID, with a significant showing including farmers, commodity group staff, government representatives, industry stakeholders, elected officials, post-secondary students, and other KAP partners.

Canadian Round-table for Sustainable Crops


In 2023, KAP became a member of the the CRSC and provided support and feedback on Code 2.0. KAP is also a member of the Code 2.0 communications committee which works to ensure farmers voices are heard at the table.

National Agri-Food Performance Index


KAP participates as partner for the development of the National Agri-Food Performance Index and release of its pilot project results.

Discover the Farm and Discover Ag in the City

Public Trust Engagement

KAP is a member of the advisory committee for the Discover the Farm and Discover Ag in the City public outreach events. 

It is an opportunity for agriculture partners to showcase farmers, farms, and the value of the industry.

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