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Our message is simple

Agriculture Matters.
When we communicate with decision-makers and elected officials, whether they are in rural or urban areas, we reinforce the importance of agriculture for everyone.

Farmers are not alone in knowing that agriculture matters. Agriculture plays a crucial role in ensuring food security and addressing environmental challenges. When grocery prices rise, it's crucial for consumers to understand the value of agriculture.

By advocating for agriculture in a way that links everyone together, we can work towards creating a prosperous and sustainable future.

Putting it all together!

The "Agriculture Matters" strategy was implemented in all of our outreach efforts for the 2023 Manitoba election, bringing together the message and putting it into action.

Our Grassroots in Action

Election priorities directly came from our 2023 election farmer survey and the KAP grassroots! 

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 4.11.25 PM.png
2023 Election Survey.png

Election Priorities

Advocacy Highlights 2023



Increased rebate for Education Property Tax 

Bill 31

The provincial Animal Care Amendment Act received Royal Assent. 


Secured for Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba


Additional funding per unfunded Manitoba student at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine


Advocacy Engagements with Elected Officials


Provincial Water Management Strategy


Sustainable Agriculture Strategy


Reduction on Agriculture Crown Land forage leases for 2023


Comprehensive Advocacy Initiatives 


Right to Repair Bill passed in the House of Commons with unanimous consent.


Additional dollars to the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership for 2023-2028

2021-2023 Roadmap to Fostering Value
Advocacy Goals

  • Secure and maintain positive government relations.
    Meet frequently with all levels of government. Regular meetings/communication with Minister, Deputy Minister, Assistant Deputy Ministers and Directors within Manitoba Agriculture (MB Ag) and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and other departments (as required). Active participation in consultations. Ensure strong farmer advocates are present to engage on key priorities.
  • Secure influential support coalitions to ensure unification on key issues.
    Create nimble, action and outcome focused committees that engage with key stakeholders. Build a strong KAP membership advocacy capacity. Develop sector wide coalitions (Examples: drought, labour and farm safety). Align KAP policy committees with key priorities to ensure members can contribute to timely policy development. Continue to expand commodity association membership in KAP. Committee work will include the identification and engagement of technical experts. Utilize committees to be proactive on emerging issues.
  • Educating governments on the opportunities and challenges of modern agriculture.
    Develop and implement positive advocacy and communications strategies: Identify and develop powerful champions and advocates to represent Manitoba agriculture. Identify and create fact-based position statements on key policy issues: Coordination of messages to promote awareness and synergies. Development of question-and-answer papers / talking points / fact sheets as issues emerge to promote common messages across key members, stakeholders, value chain and governments. Provide centralized access to information— consolidate available information where needed to make it most accessible; proactively disseminate to key stakeholders. Identify cross-over advocacy and awareness needs with other associations.

Advancing Advocacy Goals

KAP Agricultural Committee

The goal of this committee is to develop productive solutions and enhance the potential and profitability of the agriculture industry in Manitoba.
The committee is co-chaired by the Manitoba Government's Department of Agriculture & KAP, and includes representation from KAP partners and commodity members.
2023 Priorities: ​
  • Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership
  • Climate and Sustainability Initiatives 
  • Water Development and Management
  • Public Trust
  • Livestock Priorities

Development of Support Coalitions

We are focused on demonstrating a commitment to address challenges responsively and with a solutions-oriented approach.

Our ability to form support coalitions enables us to find resolutions and chart paths forward on important issues that impact the agriculture sector.

2023 Priorities
  • Labour Task Group
  • Veterinary Services
  • Public Trust/Animal Activism
  • Wetlands
  • National Building Code
  • PMRA Regulatory Review

Additional 2023 Advocacy Work

  • Advocated for exempting farmers from the Underused Housing Tax

  • Provided submission to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regarding its consultation on modernizing the Seeds Regulations

  • KAP participated and provided comments to the Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry regarding soil health

  • Ongoing engagement with stakeholders on grain contracts

  • Engaged with AMM regarding rural municipality tax increases and worked together on releasing joint advertisements for the 2023 provincial election

  • Promotion of the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant as an avenue for MELT funding

  • Collaboration with Manitoba commodity groups on a response to the PMRA decision to restrict the use of Lambda-Cyhalothrin

  • KAP continues to engage with the Canadian Grain Commission regarding the Grain Act Review

  • Participation in Efficiency Manitoba’s Energy Efficiency Advisory Group on advisement on its future 3-year efficiency plan

  • Engagement in Transport Canada’s Rail Review

  • KAP response to the development of a developing a 2030 National Biodiversity Strategy

  • Feedback to Pest Management Regulatory Agency on proposed amendments to the Pest Control Products Regulations

  • Advocating on the removal of front of package labelling for certain raw single ingredient ground meats

  • Increased engagement with federal and provincial elected officials, including engagement with not only Manitoba MLAs and MPs, but also MPs from other provinces sponsoring legislation on key issues (carbon tax exemption, right to repair) and elected officials from each major federal (CPC, NDP, LPC, GPC) and provincial (PC, NDP, MLP) political parties

  • KAP participated in the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance’s 2023 Pre-Budget Consultation process as a witness.

  • Taking leadership in the media to address labour disruption issues impacting agriculture, including B.C. ports, Public Service Alliance of Canada, and St. Lawrence Seaway strikes

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