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Annual Report

We are here to help you succeed.

Our core mission is to be the voice for farmers, addressing their most important issues. KAP is dedicated to leading progress, promoting transparency, and showcasing farmers' true impact and contribution to key audiences.


2022-2023 Outcomes


Together, we are forging a brighter future for agriculture in Manitoba

I am incredibly proud of the remarkable relationships, steadfast collaboration, and impressive growth that KAP has achieved in 2023. The exceptional progress of KAP not only augments our collective voice but also strengthens our ability to advocate passionately for the interests and welfare of our hardworking farmers. Together, we are forging a brighter future for agriculture in Manitoba."

― Jill Verwey, KAP President

Our Priority Pillars



Agriculture Matters

KAP strives to achieve a sustainable and profitable future for Manitoba farmers by advocating for unity within the primary agricultural sector, with shared goals and objectives. Acting as the authoritative voice, KAP leads the way, fostering consensus and providing unified representation to farmer members, stakeholders, and all levels of government, highlighting the significance of agriculture and advancing key policy objectives. Recognizing agriculture's vital role in our society, we aim to convey the importance of agriculture to our communities, economy, and food system.

Engagement and Outreach

Relationships Matter

We work everyday to develop a unified narrative focused on building trust in Manitoba farmers and modern agriculture. This narrative is designed to expand over time to improve its relevance and create connections between government, the public, agricultural stakeholders, and Manitoba farmers.


Regulatory Modernization

Preserving Market Access

KAP's primary goal is to minimize regulatory risk associated with future legislation and oversight for Manitoba farmers. Our value proposition to members is centered around working towards a stable regulatory future. Through collaborative initiatives led by KAP, our focus is not only on rectifying restrictive or misguided regulations, but also on advocating for smart regulations that will drive progress and growth in Manitoba's agriculture sector.


40 Years:
Past. Present. Future.


Message from the President 

Jill Verwey, President of Keystone Agricultural Producers

I am delighted to share the highlights of a transformative year as President of the Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) board. The past year has been a testament to the power of collaboration, unwavering dedication, and substantial growth, marking 2023 as a pivotal chapter in KAP's history. Together, we have achieved remarkable progress that amplifies our collective voice and fortifies our ability to ardently advocate for the welfare of our resilient farmers, shaping a promising future for agriculture in Manitoba.


A significant accomplishment this year has been our collaboration with key partners. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of agriculture, we have fostered stronger bonds with government, industry stakeholders, and fellow agricultural organizations. Through these partnerships, we've tackled challenges faced by our farmers more effectively, finding sustainable solutions that propel our sector forward. The invaluable support from our partners has played a crucial role in achieving our shared objectives.


The success of our 2023 Annual General Meeting and the enhanced format of advisory council meetings has allowed us to connect directly with the grassroots. We firmly believe that impactful advocacy begins at the local level, and the direct input from farmers across Manitoba has shaped our policies and initiatives. Upholding our commitment to ensuring every farmer's voice is heard, we've incorporated the concerns and aspirations of those who work tirelessly in our fields and barns into our decision-making processes.


An example of grassroots influence was our province-wide consultation on election priorities, guiding our advocacy efforts. These priorities, reflective of the diverse needs of our farmers, underscore the vital role agriculture plays in the well-being of our province.


In our pursuit of excellence, the KAP board has undergone extensive governance training to make informed decisions that benefit our members. This training equips us with the skills and knowledge necessary for steering KAP towards a brighter future. With an enhanced governance structure, we are poised to make sound decisions and execute our initiatives with precision.


Currently, we are in the process of developing a strategic plan that will guide KAP's activities and advocacy efforts for the next four years. This plan sets the stage for our continued growth and success, ensuring a robust future for Manitoba's agriculture industry.


Looking ahead to 2024, we are committed to building upon the achievements of 2023. Our priorities include increased engagement with Manitoba farmers, continued emphasis on the "Agriculture Matters" advocacy strategy, and nurturing the partnerships forged in the past year. We are dedicated to expanding our outreach, ensuring our message resonates across the province, and that the significance of agriculture is understood and appreciated by all.

Get to Know Your Represntatives


Jill Verwey



Les Ferris

District 2


Charles Fossay

District 6


John Sandborn

District 12


Sam Connery-Nichol

Special Interest Groups


Jake Ayre

Vice President


Colin Penner

District 3


George Graham

District 8


Stefan Signer

Supply Managed Commodity Groups


Kevin Stott

Vice President


Kevin Peters

District 4


Keith Syslak

District 9


Alex Burgess

Grains, Oilseeds and Pulses


Carter McKinney

District 1


Craig Riese

District 5


Shannon Pyziak

District 10


Marg Rempel

Red Meat Commodity Groups


District 7

District 11

General Manager's Report

Brenna Mahoney, KAP General Manager

Reflecting on the past year, the work undertaken by the team at KAP has exemplified the efficacy of collaboration and coalition building within Manitoba's agricultural sector. Through strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, including KAP's commodity group organizations, significant strides have been made in addressing farmers' needs. Initiatives such as FarmSafe Manitoba, Manitoba Young Farmers, KAP Labour Task Group, and the KAP Advisory Council have successfully responded to challenges, showcasing the power of unified efforts across diverse groups and notable progress on advocacy priorities.


KAP's 2023 advocacy efforts extend across various fronts, including engagements with various government bodies, industry organizations, and the farming community. Noteworthy activities include advocating for farmers' exemption from the Underused Housing Tax, contributing to the modernization of Seeds Regulations with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and providing insights to the Standing Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry regarding soil health.


KAP's extensive engagement also spans areas such as ongoing involvement with stakeholders on grain contracts, collaboration with Manitoba commodity groups on responses to regulatory decisions, and active participation in Efficiency Manitoba's Energy Efficiency Advisory Group and Transport Canada's Rail Review. Our commitment to advocating for the removal of front-of-package labeling for certain raw single-ingredient ground meats and engagement with federal and provincial elected officials demonstrates our dedication to influencing key issues.


Engagement and outreach efforts in 2023 also included successful events like the revival of the historic KAP Classic Golf Tournament, where many connections were fostered, and $2,500.00 was donated to the Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program. The KAP Advisory Council, comprising of our grassroots delegates, continued to serve as a vital forum for Manitoba farmers to inform organizational policy, providing a platform for shaping the future of agriculture.


Under the Manitoba Young Farmers umbrella, the Agriculture Overview Program was launched, focusing on educating farmers and identifying opportunities for value addition. The program covers a range of activities, from exploring barley sector opportunities and learning leadership skills to addressing policy, mental wellness, and advocacy.


Furthermore, KAP's engagement with the public through events like Discover the Farm and Discover Ag in the City, as well as membership in the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops, highlights our commitment to building awareness and trust in the agricultural industry. Our involvement in regulatory modernization, including farm safety initiatives, environmental farm plans, and membership in the Canada Grains Council, reinforces our dedication to advancing the industry responsibly.

Through the changes of the past year, the KAP team has demonstrated remarkable initiative to maintain commitments and solve challenges. The ongoing efforts towards the development of a renewed strategic plan reflect our forward-focused approach, fueled by the opportunities that lie ahead.


The achievements we are proud to celebrate in this Annual Report would not have been possible without the active engagement and dedication of our Board of Directors and team. I also extend sincere gratitude to our partners in government, industry, and the farming community. Your collaborative spirit and involvement are instrumental in building on the sector's potential, and we look forward to working with partners again in the future and other initiatives.


Together, we are paving the way for a prosperous future for Manitobans in agriculture.

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